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Research and development of my own work during my Creative Arts Degree.

Projection experiments

Experimenting with colour and composition at the flick of a switch!

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3 part service.
Not sure i’m happy with the coaster form - but no time to re-do. Might be something I come back to later.

3 part service.

Not sure i’m happy with the coaster form - but no time to re-do. Might be something I come back to later.

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Playing with some shapes and form compositions.

Looking very Easter themed!!

Issues arising on whether the work is sculptural/functional or both??

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Making a Coaster Sheath

I’ve finally found a way of solving the handle issue. I really didn’t want to use another material which would interrupt the form so instead I decided to make a ceramic sheath!

It is a complete nightmare to cast and may not be part of my final show but I do feel like i’ve conquered the ‘Heat’ issue, which was really bugging me! It does actually add something to the form and composition of the various elements when all brought together.

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Believe it or not I managed to fit 26 individual vessels into a small Test Kiln! I was amazed!

Due to the design of the bowls they can be stacked 10 together as one unit! This will save so much space in the kiln and inevitably save money on firing! Double Woop!

I really hope they don’t explode! KABOOM!!!

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Amazing Ceramic design shop in Berlin.

I could have stayed in there for hours!

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Artists Read too!!

Anyone got any suggestions on good reads regarding Functionality, Domestic vs Gallery and any issues surround ceramics place within home/art arena?

Articles or reviews etc.

Thanks :)

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Many thanks from Project Donabe

(Mari Jones & Abigail Ducharme)

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